a small Blog about nothing when I have something to say

 Blog   January 2016

By Matthew Wilson

Why am I here?

"You are not just here to take up air." This is what the preachers say. "Save the poor, the heathen and all those less; that is your purpose."

But are these really my purposes, the purposes for which I was made?

A sweet old lady told me once that our purpose was just to be nice to others, but my wife says I am an ass-hole sometimes. Have I failed at my purpose? I have not saved anyone either. Does this mean I have failed at life, and if I am here to help that guy, what is his purpose? He could just not exist and then I could too.

You know the reason I had my kids was to get stuff done around the house, and support me when they are older of course. I am just kidding, but wouldn't that be sick? No, I really had them so they could be nice to each other, but that clearly has not worked out. So what do I do with them now?

Seriously, we just had our children to love. And If I being evil (just ask my wife) have my children just to love - How much better can GOD do?

Did he make you just to love you?

Just to have a relationship with you; to walk in the garden and visit with you?

a small Blog about nothing when I have something to say

 Blog   June 2014

By Matthew Wilson

Is there a disease that can cause someone to marry their sibling?

Apparently so! The ancient Pharaohs considered themselves gods, so naturally their children were gods as well, and gods could not marry just anyone! Yeah, you guessed it. It was customary for brothers to marry sisters, and I am not talking about step here. It all makes perfect sense if you think that you are god.

Napoleon said—concerning Waterloo, "Wellington is a bad general, the English are bad troops, and this affair is nothing more than eating breakfast." One of the Warner Brothers said, "Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?" The Beatles were turned away when auditioning with the comment that, "Guitar music is on the way out." What kind of disease can cause these lapses in judgment? Pride. The word disease originated from two words—dis and ease. If you had missed the chance to sign the Beatles, don't you think that would have dissed your ease?

"All men are created equal." What can this simple phrase do for my life? It can prevent me from being blindsided by Wellington, missing opportunities like signing the Beatles, missing up and coming trends like movies with audio, and last but certainly not least save me from having to marry my sibling. Why do we all overlook the simple truth that all men are created equal? It is obvious that no two people are exactly equal in any way, but that is just because everyone is unique. If we can realize all of us are made from the same stuff, then we can be open to possibilities. Example: Say you've almost conquered all of Europe and along the way you've seen some bad generals, so you start to think that you are a god and marry your sister, OR you could think—Wellington is made of the same stuff that I am and there is unlimited potential within all of us.

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