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Three Slaves of Rome

By Matthew Wilson

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During the glory days of the Roman Empire, seven Irishmen living in the midst of a violent war are captured and taken into slavery. Crossing paths with a lifelong slave, friendships are forged that lead them into an amazing adventure.

They traverse the known world, seeking a treasure dear to them. Some find love, but all encounter incredible obstacles and find themselves facing impossible odds.


Her screams shattered the stillness of the night. “Tieg!! Tieg!!!” He jerked from a sound sleep, seized with panic. He sat upright in bed, searching for her.

Terrorized people were screaming throughout the village. As the grass roofs caught fire, he could see shimmering lights as though he were looking through a watery surface; his head felt as if he was beneath one.

He thought he could see shadowy images approaching from the doorway across the room. He scrubbed desperately at his eyes to clear them, but he was unable to comprehend through his intoxicated blur. A seemingly light brush against his brow caused him to fall back onto the bed. He struggled to rise, but then succumbed to the heaviness that tugged at him.

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